Friday, April 14, 2017

A Look Ahead for the 2017 Season

We are very excited about the future of the Arroyo Dons Football Program.

Normally, when a new football coach and his staff begins leading the program in a new direction, naturally coming with that are the benefits of enthusiasm, passion, a fresh vision, commitment and a plan.

If that new coach believes in his “system” of the Veer, Run-n-Shoot, Spread Option, Power I, Wing T, or the 46 “Bear” Defense, the 4-2-5, and/or the 33 Stack Defense, etc., and that it will give his program its greatest chance of success – that is great, and hopefully they succeed.

It’s wise to remember one simple fact - the Key to being successful over a long period of time is to remain flexible in your teaching approach, your X's & O's strategy, and all things considered both on and off the field.

Will the 2017 Arroyo Dons utilize the Super Spread A-11 Offense operating within traditional rules?

Yes, and it’s going to be a lot of fun teaching the players new concepts and ideas, and then watching them take ownership of it, and eventually flourish on the field of play.

And of course, as with Any quality football program, it will take a Team Effort on Offense, Defense and Special Teams to rebuild the Arroyo Dons into a fun, exciting and successful football program.

These are exciting times, and the future is bright for the Arroyo Dons!

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