Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sit & Take It or Create More SPACE to Help Your Team Win!

FLORIDA Coach - Urban Meyer, former Texas Tech - Coach Mike Leach, Oregon Coach – Chip Kelly, the Spread Triple Option at ARMY, and a host of other Spread Offense football teams at every level of play employ different spread formations and tactics to Create SPACE, in order to help their team win more games.

WHY? The answers all have one common thread: SPACE

· SPACE is the best equalizer that helps to offset your opponent’s superior size advantage because each Defensive player is automatically responsible for policing, defending & protecting more ground. The Defenders are less able to be finite in their responsibilities and actions, instead they must combat ultra-wide formations and players coming at them from broader angles

· SPACE between the Offensive Lineman makes it easier for the OL to quickly identify the defensive front coming at them, and which Linebackers are blitzing or not.

· SPACE makes it easier for the Running Backs to find a Hole to run through. A larger Hole or Bigger Space to gallop through is the preferred route for most Running Backs. SPACE also makes it easier for the Running Backs to make the correct read on Blitz Pickup for Pass Pro and Run Blocking adjustments.

· SPACE between the Quarterback(s) and the Line of Scrimmage usually allows the QB a less obstructed “launching pad area” in which to set up, and identify blitzes, make good reads of the pass coverage, and execute the correct throws to open receivers more often.

· SPACE enables the Wide Receivers to identify the Depth, Eyes and Leverage (DEL) of the Defensive Backfield more readily because the Safeties, Cornerbacks & Linebackers usually must account for all of the Receivers spread out across the field of play. “Don’t get beat deep,” is a mantra that every Defensive Back knows all too well.

· SPACE helps to reduce injuries to the players & it’s one of the main reasons many coaches have switched to Spread Offensive football in the first place. The more spread out each player is from one another, by design then, more open SPACE between the players automatically reduces the frequency that they will collide and/or get their legs twisted and tangled in pile ups or freakish happenings during the play.

· SPACE allows the Offensive Play-Caller (the Coach or a QB) to see “All Twenty-Two Players” competing on the field in a clearer, more defined way. The more precise an Offensive Play-Caller’s ability to identify what the defense is trying to do, then the more productive the Spread Offensive system should be most of the time.

We’d like to extend our sincere gratitude to every football coach in history that has used innovative spread formations, and deployed their team’s offensive players across the field with as much SPACE between them as possible. The A-11 super-spread formations we use, combined with solid football fundamentals and maximum SPACE between our players has helped our football program and others like it succeed.

Thank you very much.

About the innovative A-11...

"The A-11...allows us to get the ball into our athletes' hands unlike anything else in football today. It is a truly innovative evolution in football as we know it, and we'll be seeing alot more of it in the future!"

Tim Souza
Eagle High School Mustangs
Eagle, Idaho

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