Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One of the Best Football Books Ever!

Blood, Sweat and Chalk…One of the Best Football Books Ever!

Esteemed veteran Sports Illustrated magazine writer, Tim Layden's new football book is a masterpiece!

Blood, Sweat and Chalk is a must-read for any football fan, player or coach!

Layden carefully and expertly takes the reader on a wonderful and insightful journey through football's greatest innovations and how they came to be.

Layden's work in Blood, Sweat and Chalk is stunning in its attention to detail but seamlessly written as an enjoyable and highly entertaining read. I finished each chapter and eagerly turned the page looking to see what was next. This book has set a new and very high standard and is easily one of the best football books ever published!

Layden not only did massive amounts of research, in-depth interviews with many of the game’s most innovative coaches, but he also draws the creators of various offensive and defensive systems out for the reader to fully engulf word after word, and page after page.

Tidbits of keen information are unearthed with every interview and interesting anecdotes tumble out of the book time after time, and gently fall into the reader’s lap enabling anyone that reads this book to invest themselves in all 22 Chapters with zealous appreciation.

Blood, Sweat and Chalk goes the extra yard and scores big with Layden’s coverage of 22 of the best innovations in football, including but not limited to the Single Wing, the Ryan Family (46) Defense and offshoots of it, the No-Huddle Attack, the Air Raid, the bedeviling Zone Blitz and giving us a glimpse into the future of football as well.

If you like or love watching football, get yourself a copy of Blood, Sweat and Chalk!

It is outstanding read totally replete with great stories revealed, while at the same time offering the service of being an educational wonder-book for any football aficionado that wants to learn about the secrets of the game.

Blood, Sweat and Chalk is a championship read from the opening kickoff until the very end.