Monday, January 14, 2019

The Future of Football Will Feature Versatile and Interchangeable Players

The greatest sport ever created is American Football.

And, one of the main reasons that football has prospered has been its unwavering ability to adapt and innovate to survive and thrive. Evolution is key and conceptual Revolution has been necessary at various points in the game's history.

In 2007 and 2008 when we created and utilized the A-11 Offense featuring fully-interchangeable players on offense, it not only opened-up the game like never before, but it offered a fantastic window into the future of football.

Employing Offensive and Defensive players that are entirely interchangeable with the ability to adapt and improvise in any situation, unleashes the game's creativity on every potential play.

Question: If you were going to create a new type of automobile, would you build it today with limited options and spartan features, or would you offer the most innovative designs and options possible?

For now, on the Offensive side of the ball, there are extreme restrictions regarding which players (based on jersey number) can become eligible to receive a forward pass and/or advance with the football on a given play, 36 options respectively.

However, by allowing the Offensive players to be fully-interchangeable (just like the defensive players) then the game's versatile offensive players' talents are maximized, and the creative options explode to 16,632 possibilities of which player can receive the snap and advance with the football, Even Though the offensive Formation Eligibility Rules remain the same.

The Game of football will become even faster and more complex, and the incredible athletes will push the limits of the game's future beyond anything that could have been imagined even 25 or 30-years ago.

It's time for the next big step forward in the evolution of football.