Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A-11 Going Nationwide in Rookie Football

UPDATED on July 4th, 2018: The Pop Warner National Youth Football Organization announced it has joined forces with USA Football to expand its Rookie Tackle football league! Please see my earlier post below!

TEN-years ago in 2007, the football coaching staff and players at Piedmont High School (CA) took a very big chance and decided to try something radically different and new, by implementing the A-11 Offense featuring totally interchangeable players on Offense, eliminating the 3-point stance on the Line of Scrimmage, and using Two starting Quarterbacks in the backfield at the same time for the whole season.

Fortunately, in both seasons of utilizing the A-11 Offense in 2007 & 2008, the Piedmont football team did very well, and made the Playoffs each year.

More importantly, while No Offensive system is without its many flaws, the other Valuable benefits of the A-11 revealed itself, when over a two-year period in 2007 & 2008, Not One Piedmont Offensive Football Player suffered a serious injury.

Better yet, in 2008, Many high school football teams nationwide began using the A-11 Offense with excellent results, especially in terms of greatly improving player safety.

And, now Today, USA Football officially announced the launch of its ROOKIE Tackle football league nationwide pilot program with over 24,000 players, that features several Key components of the A-11 Game:

1. Fully Interchangeable Players on Offense

2. Eliminates the 3-point Stance

3. More Spacing between the players

Overall, this Major Announcement is a Game Changer forever, and it's a great thing for football players, coaches and fans!

Humbly, as the game of Tackle Football continues to evolve to become safer and much more dynamic, the Two-Quarterback, A-11 Offense unveiled at Piedmont in 2007 & 2008 demonstrated the incredible possibilities and put forth the groundwork for others to follow.

From Scientific American Magazine on the A-11 Offense in 2008:

“In a standard formation with five fixed linemen, a play can unfold with 36 different scenarios for who receives the snap, and who ends up with the ball…including a quarterback sneak…

In the A-11 Offense, because the receivers and linemen (and even the quarterbacks) are interchangeable, the number of different possibilities for what can happen on a given play Skyrockets to 16,632.”

Imagine what the game will look like in the year 2018 and beyond!