Friday, December 4, 2020

Quality Leadership is Vital When Things are Out of Balance

Hope is not a business strategy.

Successfully navigating a group of people through a very difficult time is not easy, nor for the faint of heart. Some people are born to lead, while other women and men are thrust into an unexpected leadership role based on a confluence of factors. 

Having the ability to lead is reliant upon a variety traits, such as but not limited to: excellent character, humility, knowledge, trust, flexibility, courage, ability to admit mistakes and learn from them, humor, wit, will power, and giving praise to others for their jobs well done.

When a large group of people are in need of outstanding leadership, it's critically important for the individual that's called upon to lead to have an unwavering resolve. If being a great leader was easy, then everybody would do it. 

Imagine for a moment, that you happened to be the Captain of a massive ship attempting to navigate its way across the unrelenting pounding of torrential seas hitting your vessel from all sides at night during a typhoon. 

If a distressed ship lists too far to either its port or starboard side, it will capsize. 

Therefore as Captain, for you to successfully guide your ship through the most dire of circumstances, it will take every ounce of your resolve and skill set, and keen reliance upon your crew to eventually arrive in safe harbor. 

Yes, it can be done, and you can do it. Become a quality leader and never give up.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

What Is Freedom and Liberty? An Innocent Child of the Future in the Year 2076 Asks an Honest Question...

Dear Reader, 

I hope you enjoy this futuristic short story of how important it is to always retain our Liberty and Freedom for every American. 

We must always improve upon America, while honoring our past, respecting the present, and protecting a hopeful future for our citizenry that is still yet to be born.

Against all odds forevermore, we must protect liberty and freedom for every American.

Circa 2076:

Location: A Pleasant Summer Night in a Beautiful Mountainous Setting in America...

I GAZED at the crackling flames of our campground's fire and poked at the burning logs with the charred tip of the fire stick in my right hand. The heat was quite comforting and all was good. 

I did not concern myself with the thought of any potential bears or mountain lions that might be lurking, prowling or eyeballing us from afar. For now, our little trio was warm, safe and happy. 

"Grandpa...Grandpa, did you hear me?" I heard my seven-year old granddaughter ask of me.

Her sweet voice pulled me out of my trance and I shook my head to clear my thoughts. 

"What? No I didn't. I'm sorry, Veronica, what did you say?" I replied.

I turned my head to the left and viewed her face and locks of brown hair protruding below her USA beanie pulled down over her ears. Veronica's enlightened appearance from the amber glow of the fire gave her a more Angelic look, and I smirked because she was a pure bundle of joy, spirit and inquisitiveness all rolled into one. 

Veronica grinned at me and then said, "That's okay, Grandpa. I want to know when Grandma is coming back from the cabin with our marshmallows?"

I nodded, then shot a quick glance over Veronica towards our lit-up cabin off in the distance. My wife of nearly forty-years had already entered the lodge and would soon be on her way back with the treats for us to roast over the fire.

"Be patient, sweetie, Grandma should be back in about ten-minutes." I replied.

Veronica shrugged her shoulders and smiled, her eagerness to eat toasted marshmallows temporarily assuaged. After a few seconds, I caught her staring at my three-fingered left hand, which she often did, and she asked, "Grandpa, what is freedom?"

Surprised by her question, I was again reminded of her intelligence and curiosity even though she was only seven-years old. In the past several weeks, she had become even more investigative of my wartime past which had only cost me my pinky and ring finger on my left hand. 

I was careful not to share too much information with her about that horrific period in our world's history during the Sovereignty War, but she deserved to know the correct deal from her own Grandpa. 

I wiped at my nose and responded, "Freedom is what every human being wants for themselves and their family. Freedom is having the ability to say what you want, and do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. As long as you are not breaking the law. Freedom is...natural."

Veronica inclined her head while absorbing the breadth of my lengthy explanation. She squinted at the flames of the campfire and gently bit down on her lower lip. She was a deep-thinker, contemplative. 

Finally, she stared back at me with her hazel eyes and quizzically asked, "So, does freedom cost money? Am I free? How do people get freedom?"

I looked at her and shook my head while attempting to gauge the impact of my upcoming reply, before answering, "You're an American, and yes, you have freedom, and liberty. However, freedom is not free, but it does not cost money. In order to remain free, we must all pay a price and work together and help each other. We must protect our freedom to keep it. Otherwise, some people will try to take our freedoms away from us."

She frowned, then pulled her head back and responded, "What does that mean, Grandpa? Why would someone want to do that to us? And what is liberty?"

Off in the distance, I noticed my wife emerging from the cabin and beginning her trek in our direction with the beam of her flashlight just a flicker. I closed my eyes and counseled myself silently before stating, "Veronica, those are good questions, and, Grandma is on her way back to us now."

Veronica quickly glanced over her shoulder and clapped her gloved hands eagerly. 

Then she turned her attention back to me and I continued my reply, "Some people don't want us to be free, they don't believe in freedom or liberty. And, liberty means that nobody can restrict your thoughts, deeds or actions; so long as you are not hurting yourself or somebody else, and not threatening to hurt another person."

She listened to my response, nodded and asked, "Okay, so what is freedom?"

I jabbed at the campfire and rearranged a couple of logs with my firestick and replied, "Freedom and liberty are buddies, and they go together like cake and ice cream."

She chuckled at my description and I continued, "Yes, Veronica, you are free. And even for a seven-year old kid, that means you can go where you want, when you want and do what you want, as long as you are not breaking the law. Obviously, your Mommy and Daddy have final say on it, since you're just a kid, and nothing is more important than your safety. But for now, do you understand the basic idea of freedom and liberty?" 

Slowly, she nodded and said, "I think so, Grandpa." Then she paused and asked, "Is everybody else free, around the world I mean?"

I pursed my lips and shook my head, knowing that my answer would shatter parts of her youthful innocence. I said, "No, unfortunately, there are many people in other parts of the world that want to be free, but they are not allowed to be free because their governments are not built that way, respectfully."

"Hmm." She mused, obviously saddened by my explanation. After a lengthy pause, she asked, "So, freedom and liberty comes from government?"

I smirked, shook my head and replied, "No sweetie, it comes from God, our creator, and it's even written into the founding documents of our nation to protect every American."

Veronica's expression became more hopeful, she glanced up at the starry night sky and quietly replied, "That makes sense, Grandpa."

We remained silent and I watched as Veronica returned her gaze back to the campfire and allowed her mind to sift through the spectrum of my answers.

I heard the crunching of my wife's footsteps upon the matted pine needles of the forest floor as she neared us, while the beam of her flashlight scanned for a pathway in our direction. 

Veronica let out a deep sigh and finally stated, "I always want to be free, Grandpa. Okay?"

I smiled and replied, "Yes, of course, sweetie. Don't worry, you will always be free. I promise."

"Thanks, Grandpa." She uttered, obviously comforted by my assurances.

Veronica stood up and walked over to me, and gave me a quick hug. Then, in the process of returning to her little camping chair, she pointed with an outstretched arm and exclaimed, "Look, Grandma is here with the marshmallows!"

I rose from my own weathered chair to greet my wife and offer some help. I rested my firestick alongside the chair and said to my wife, "Right on time, my dear; and Veronica is ready to roast those marshmallows."

"Yes!" Veronica shouted with glee. 

My wife handed me the small bag of sweets, then she pecked me on the cheek before asking, "Wonderful, and what have the two of you been doing while I was away?"

Before I could muster a reply, Veronica blurted, "Grandpa has been teaching me about freedom and liberty."

My wife grinned at our granddaughter, obviously surprised. Then she tilted her head at me, winked and said, "Oh wow...well I should say, that's time well spent."

I chuckled and soon began skewering marshmallows onto sticks for us to commence. I handed each of them a stick with a single marshmallow on it.

The three of us edged closer to the campfire and began cooking our treats over the flames. 

Once again, I was reminded by the beauty of the simplest things in life, and of how truly special American freedom and liberty actually are.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Fate Came Calling...and That's a Good Thing

Dear Reader, 

I am humbled and honored by the high ratings and great reviews that my third book, FATE CAME CALLING is earning from book lovers and literary critics.

Fate Came Calling is a remarkable True Story, and it happens to be my first Non-fiction book. 

It's the amazing life story of Airline Pilot and Executive, Warren Vest, an American Patriot that rose from the unassuming life of an ordinary farm kid raised in the Midwest. 

During his freshman year of college, Warren took a Big Chance and embarked on a life-changing adventure. He accepted the challenge and it altered the course of his life forever. 

Simply incredible...

I hope you enjoy the book about the outstanding life of Warren Vest, it's a daring and refreshing tale of Americana innocently emerging and coming to life.

It took me three-years to research and write the book. If you like it, please share your thoughts and tell a family member or friend about Fate Came Calling.

Book Launch Party - Fate Came Calling at Livermore, CA (Airport hangar).

Saturday, October 17, 2020

VOTE! Every American Has the Right to Express Their Voice! Enjoy it and Vote!

Appreciate the great country that we have. 

A remarkable place of freedom and liberty for all, and a nation always improving upon itself.  America is the land of incredible opportunity for all people wanting a chance to build their own great life for themselves and their family.

Overall, one fantastic republic for every American that we have all built together.


Express your wonderfully important voice and Vote!

Yes...your Vote Matters!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Open Communication and Respecting Each Other's Opinion is the Key to Staff Harmony

Humbly, now in my 28th year of coaching football at various levels, it's fair to say that I've changed and matured significantly since my initial foray as a young coach into the world of teaching and mentoring football players, on and off the field. 

To date, in my previous 12-years as a head coach, one of the main ingredients that bonds my coaching staff together has been to foster an interactive and open pipeline of fair and equal communication amongst all members. 

Developing and maintaining a fantastic culture takes a lot of work and it's worth it. 

For many months and/or years, my staff and I have worked very hard together...we celebrate the wins fully united and remain galvanized through the defeats and most challenging of times.

Every year my coaching staff changes a bit, but without a doubt, each season is special and unique in its own right from a staffing point of view.  My staff deeply cares for one another, and they fully understand how vested I am in their own personal story and their outstanding level of commitment to our unified team-based cause.

Creating a harmonic coaching staff takes a detailed plan, key experience, discipline, respect for others, and the ability to handle insightful critique and then adjust along the way to improve the team.

My coaching staff is keenly aware of the mantra I often use that, "I don't care where a great idea comes from."  

Literally, if I like a creative idea, I will try it. And, whether or not the new concept or method actually works, I will acknowledge and praise the individual or group that brought it to my attention. 

We are all equal and in it together. Our mutual goal is simple, do whatever it takes to help our team win.

However, effectively coaching football and keeping the staff in fluid harmony is a tough balancing act on and off the field, and that's why an experienced head coach needs to remain flexible but not sacrifice his or her principles along the way. 

Conflict of opinion between members of the coaching staff is the norm and not the exception. 

Therefore, in order to minimize any potential fallout or hurt feelings within the staff, it's critically important that each member of the staff understands and believes that their opinion matters. 

For example, whether or not a specific idea or concept offered up by a Coordinator or an Intern is actually implemented is not the most important element of maintaining staff harmony.  Rather, it's the fact that every staff member's thought process and individual perspective is relevant. All people have value and it is very important to reinforce that basic truth on a regular basis.

In my prior dozen-years as a Head Coach, I have worked with many amazing people that have become lifelong friends, collaborative peers, and sadly, some of them have since passed away. I have been blessed to have learned so much from them and gleaned important bits of knowledge and information that have enabled me to further develop as a coach.

Oakland Panthers Final Day of Training Camp March 5th, 2020 (below)

And, our coaching relationships have been mutually helpful. In fact, four of my assistant coaches have ascended directly from my coaching staff into their own first Head Coaching job. Factually, of those four outstanding men, three of them happen to be black coaches. Excellent people on & off the field.

On my staff we all strive together, and help each other any way possible, on and off the field. 

Our staff & team was unified and ready for opening night 2020 (click here).

And, if you are a young and aspiring football coach looking to create your own path, my humble recommendation is to learn from those that came before you since the game was first-invented. Experience matters, credibility is relevant and having the vision to "look long and see short" when developing your coaching style and your plan is vital. 

Be open, be honest, be flexible, and praise those who deserve it based on their effort and ingenuity. 

If you start each day with a giant slice of humble pie and work as hard as you can to help your fellow staff members within your current situation, the odds are favorable that you will eventually become a head football coach.

Then, you will have a chance to create your own coaching staff that cherishes and values open communication and harmony. 

Go for it, and remember to remain flexible along the way.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Farewell, My Dear Friend. In Memory of Coach Tripp Merritt...May He Rest in Peace.

When I received a phone call from a good friend of mine that my dear buddy, Tripp Merritt had suddenly passed away in his sleep at 52-years old on August 10th, 2020, it was beyond devastating to let that terrible news sink-in.

Tripp was a fantastic person, and yet he was humbled by his own imperfections, as each of us are. 

Throughout the highs and lows of his life, he always worked to improve himself for his benefit and that of his beautiful wife, Pam, and their combined group of wonderful children. 

Tripp was at a very happy point in his life when he unexpectedly passed away.

Importantly, Tripp was a genuine and loving man with a gentle soul. 

Most people never knew that Tripp overcame a significant physical disability growing up, only to become a dynamic high school student-athlete in his home state of North Carolina. He then served our country in the United States Coast Guard before becoming an excellent NCAA football coach for many years to come. 

Tripp's positive and insightful teaching methods greatly helped the multitude of student-athletes he tutored throughout the country, both on and off the field. 

And, fortunately, I was lucky enough to begin my 20-year friendship with Tripp that began at St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA, in the year 2000. 

Tripp and I coached together at SMC for three-years, and we ended up becoming roommates. It was a wonderful and fulfilling time in our lives. The coaching staff under Tim Landis at St. Mary's was filled with remarkable people.

Rarely, did Tripp and I talk about football when we were away from the gridiron. Instead, we discussed the amazing complexities of humanity, our favorite movies, politics, fishing, baseball and basketball. And, with both of us having been single men during that time in our lives, we talked about the women we were dating or the ones that we were interested in getting to know better. 

I was also a single dad back then, and Tripp would volunteer to help me out with my son, Parker, whenever the situation called for it. 

Luckily, when I began dating a wonderful woman, Dolly, and we eventually decided to get married, it was Tripp that proudly accepted our request to get himself deputized. Tripp eagerly followed through and fulfilled his once-in-a-lifetime duties, and he proceeded to marry us in 2004.

Tripp's legacy of having been a wonderful NCAA football coach, is true; as evidenced by the numerous heartfelt comments put forth from the many players, coaches and administrative staff members that he worked with. 

People gravitated towards Tripp and loved him, and he returned those feelings ten-fold. 

For yours-truly, however, my dear friend, Tripp was not only a coaching buddy, but he became one of my closest friends that changed my life for the better...forever. He made me a better man.

Tripp...May You Rest in Peace. We shall see each other again in the future.

God Bless the soul of my dear friend, Tripp Merritt.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Thankfully, America Provides a Great Opportunity, Love and Respect for All of Its People

As each American continues to work their way through this pandemic recovery period, there remains many things to be grateful for in America. 

Thankfully, the wonderful truth stands - as to why millions of women and men of all ethnic backgrounds worldwide want to come to America for a chance at building their best possible life.

The Freedom for every American to create an incredible life to its full potential holds firm.

Humbly, America is the most prosperous and generous country in the history of the world, and our amazing nation is not even 250-years old yet. Overall, our story is simply remarkable.

America helps its own citizens and greatly assists a huge number of countries around the globe. 

How and why?

America's enlightened structure and brilliant but imperfect approach to governance enables each citizen the opportunity to explore, improve and achieve their true and inherent future-self. 

On July 4th, 1776 when the United States of America was born after having defeated years of brutal tyranny lorded over it from abroad, America became the flashing light of hope for all of humanity worldwide craving three things: a great opportunity, love and respect.

But, how can a country love a person?

America is not flawless and it never will be. But America is always correcting its mistakes, innovating and improving on a real-time basis. America's heartbeat is supported by its amazing people, the most diverse and dynamic population in the history of the world.

Daily, America's integrated system provides liberty-based love for its citizens by allowing all women and men an equal chance to manifest a fantastic life. There are no guarantees of any person achieving success, but every American has the equal right to go for their dreams.

America unleashes the brimming potential for every woman and man in the nation.

As to the third point that each American desires...respect; how does America give its respect to the multitude of women and men hailing from all parts of the world?

By design - in the founding Charters of Freedom. America's wise foundation of freedom defends individual respect for each of its citizens. 

To visit the rotunda in Washington, D.C., is a breathtaking and deeply emotional experience. To witness first-hand the stunning documents stating that every person is valuable and equal in America.

Fortunately for every American, we are all guaranteed three things:

A Great Opportunity, Love and Respect. 

God Bless America.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Freedom of Religion for Every American is Guaranteed. Thank God.


“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peacefully assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Fortunately for every American, the 1st Amendment in the United States Constitution guarantees and protects that right for each of us - Freedom of Religion. 

Conversely, each American has the right to not believe in God as well.

As freedom-loving Americans, it’s mind blowing to imagine not having the God-given right to peacefully believe in our sacred, chosen religion or not.

In America, we are all equal, regardless of your religiously-held belief or not.

During these turbulent times, as hundreds of millions of Americans attempt to navigate their way through this COVID-19 pandemic recovery period, there are millions of Americans praying to God for a little bit of extra help.

That is their right, and we should always protect it for every American.

Every American is equal, and we always will be, thank God.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Road to Success is Unpaved and it's Important to Remain Flexible and Positive

Failure stinks, and it's the opposite of what we strive to achieve. 

As Americans, we work so hard to be successful but the Road to Success is not smoothly paved and replete with perfectly-placed road signs informing us what to do, exactly where to go or how to get there.

Becoming successful is not guaranteed, but in America each of us has the opportunity to go for our dreams. Every American, women and men, of any race or belief has the chance to build the life they want. That is our God-given right as Americans, for each and every one of us.

Far more often than not, as each American attempts to build a successful and fulfilling life, they trip, fall or get nearly-crushed along the way to their success. And, given each American's unique set of life circumstances, sometimes a person abandons their select dream and decides to do something more realistic for them.

To be clear, there is no shame in that whatsoever. In fact, creating a good life is the very definition of a successful American. It's great.

However, when pursuing your one, true singular career choice that you deeply desire the most, then you have no other option but to adjust, adapt and learn from every available resource. As you trek up and down the unpredictable road to success, it will be fun, scary, bumpy, difficult, and heartbreaking.

But, don't operate in fear. 

Instead, remain aware, positive, humble and flexible. Things change big time beyond our control, but building your dream life is very attainable. Constructing the life that you truly want will be the hardest thing you ever do, and also the most rewarding.

If you enjoy the tough journey and the people you meet along the way, rest assured that the odds are in your favor to succeed. 

Remember...limits exist only in your mind. 

Go for it.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

A Female Game Breaker in Professional American Tackle Football with Men? YES, it Will Happen...

EIGHTEEN-years ago in 2002, humbly, my first football-themed suspense novel was published and released, entitled, THE GAME BREAKER.

The Game Breaker is a dual-plot suspense novel (which you can download for FREE) on my blog.

The twin plot, features an exciting Female NCAA football superstar, TJ Woods, and a villainous, sinister United States Presidential candidate, Ferguson Marshall, a twisted and powerful man that will do anything to rule America. 

Without a doubt, TJ Woods is a Superstar in every regard. She is a Game Breaker.
YES it will happen in the future for Women, and for a variety of reasons:

1. World Class Female athletes are incredible and fun to watch, just like their male counterparts, respectfully

2. At the Wide Receiver position in NCAA football and at the Professional level, the Wide Receivers are generally more fluid, dynamic and athletic overall, nimble and able to run quick routes, while being versatile enough to burst on passing plays designed to connect at 40-yards or more downfield

3. More and more young women are playing tackle football in America and Worldwide. Furthermore, the advent of tackle football leagues for Women is more popular than ever before 

4. However...will the American football consumer (Women & Men) openly accept the First-Ever World Class FEMALE athlete to play Wide Receiver in professional football alongside her male colleagues?

Yes, they will! 

Overwhelmingly, Americans are about equality for women and men, on and off the field. America has the most-number of wildly successful Female entrepreneurs in the world, and the highest number of successful female business owners in the world.

Furthermore, the dominant majority of Americans (women and men) support equality for both sexes. By far, the vast number of Americans (of both sexes) support giving a fair shot for all parties in the hunt for success. No favoritism, just great competition, and may the best person win that day.

Rest assured that SHE is out there on the horizon, a Female Game Breaker working hard when nobody else is watching. She is lifting, running, sprinting and refining her skills. She has won before, and she has previously been defeated; but she is undeterred, and getting ready for her first shot at pro football competing alongside her outstanding male peers.

She will be ready when the time comes, and she is hoping and praying for a chance to compete...

About THE GAME BREAKER by Kurt Bryan:

In the history of the NCAA, no world-class female athlete has ever received a scholarship to play football. Never that is, until college football coach Kenny Brown discovers TJ Woods, a football superstar.

Unbeknownst to Kenny, however, his dream of making TJ a football heroine and marketing icon interfere with the sinister plans of presidential hopeful Ferguson Marshall. After dodging several attempts against his life, Kenny discovers Marshall's plot to kill him. 

Can Marshall be stopped? Can TJ's career be saved? Can Kenny stay alive for the next 24 hours? A real edge-of-the-seat thriller with an innovative sports twist.

Some of the comments about – The Game Breaker

“Simply put, the best first book author I have ever read. The Game Breaker is full of unusual surprises as it mixes sports, mayhem, sex and intriguing politics to tell a remarkable story.”

Sam Smith
Stewart House Publishing

“One of the most intricate and provoking plots ever associated with sports. Game Breaker lacks nothing. Sports, politics, sex, murder, sorrow, mystery, it’s an amazing scope of thrill and emotion.”

Marcus Thompson
Contra Costa Times

“Spellbinding scenes that keep you on your toes and wanting more.”

Ken Margerum
1985 Chicago Bears 
Super Bowl Champion

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Freedom of Speech for Every American is Fantastic and Protected for All of Us

Imagine for a moment, if you happened to live in another country (respectfully) where you did Not have the God-given civil right of Free Speech, as guaranteed and protected by the First Amendment in our sacred Constitution for every American. 

A few-hundred years ago in the 1700's, the sage and pesky, diminutive French enlightenment writer and worldly deep-thinker, Francois-Marie Arouet (Voltaire) famously understood the vital importance of every individual's opinion, when he wrote:

Voltaire's incredible mind and ability to immerse himself in the just cause of individual liberty enabled him to become a world-class philosopher. Fortunately for us, Voltaire penned a mountainous stack of important writings that dwarf the valiant output from those of us today that endeavor to write.

If you ever find yourself craving really good intellectual stimulation, then I humbly recommend reading some of the well-written biographies about Voltaire's life. They can be revelatory and life-changing.

Voltaire portrait below...

Likewise, when America was born on July 4th, 1776, our imperfectly-brilliant Founders understood the core ingredient that would enable a virgin country like America to sprout, grow, prosper and continually develop long as Freedom of Speech was protected for every American. 

Bluntly, it is everything. Without Free Speech...we have nothing.

As free Americans, embedded in our national psyche, each of us has the protected right to peacefully express our opinion (unpopular or popular). It is unfathomable for anyone to pretend that their peacefully-done freedom of expression is actually more important than that of their fellow Americans.

Humanity = we are all equal. 

It is critically important for every American that wishes to peacefully utilize their civil right of Free Speech to properly do so. Regardless of your opinion (as ruled upon by the Supreme Court); what you have to say is protected, even if your fellow Americans do not agree with you. 

Whether or not your American brethren concur with your peacefully expressed perspective is irrelevant, because every American has the same protected rights throughout the USA.

We owe it to our fellow Americans to respect and protect each other's point of view, especially when their opinion is different from our own. Please let us never forget that we are all equal as Americans.

Thank God...

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Staying Positive During the Comeback is Worth it for Us All

Until that wonderful day arrives in the future when we can joyfully crowd ourselves into jam-packed stadiums and arenas alongside thousands of other sports fans to watch our favorite teams compete and play a game - there is no doubt that things will be much different for us all.

As our fellow Americans nationwide continue to do their best while struggling during their own region's phased-in "comeback" from this pandemic, it's vital for those of us in the sports world to remain positive and respect each other's valuable point of view.

Living our lives as safely as possible during this comeback period is the ultimate balancing act for each of us.

Yes, hope is on the horizon, thank God. 

But, it's difficult to predict what the decision-makers that are leading the thousands of women's and men's youth, high school, collegiate and professional sports leagues are actually going to decide.

*Furthermore, keep in mind that Many of those decision-makers serving on their respective Interscholastic Sports Boards in each state or section, are actual Mother's and Father's that have their own children participating in amateur athletics within their region.

It appears there will not be one "blanket decision" covering all leagues at every level nationwide. There seems to be too many variables and diverse regions in our beautiful country throughout all 50 states for that to occur. 

To play the games or not to play = in the safest possible way? 

That is the question...Yes or no?

IF our women's and men's live sporting events reboot in the next few months with "altered" pregame parties and tailgating, and allowing X amount of fans (TBD) in the stands while they're adhering to safety measures but cheering their teams on; then yes, there will be millions of happy Americans.

However, there will be a significant contingent of Americans that are not supportive of it.

Each point of view is valid and should always be respected.  

However, if every one of the women's and men's youth to professional sports leagues in America gets completely shut down until the pandemic ends or a vaccine is found, then there will be millions of Americans very unhappy and depressed about it. 

Conversely, there will be millions of Americans relieved about a total shutdown of women's and men's sports at all levels, until the pandemic is vanquished or a cure is found.

Once again, both points of view are valid.

It is true that hope springs eternal. 

And, it's critically important for us to value and respect each other's point of view; especially given the deeply personal health decisions each of us has to make about our own safety, as every American begins to wade cautiously into the murky and unparalleled comeback period before us.  

As millions of Americans start to emerge from this pandemic - understandably more tentative and unsure about what will happen to them, while also remaining individually-brave and forever humbled by the terrible COVID-19 scourge, we should remember that we are unbeatable - if we stand together as a united American team. 

It's in our nation's best interest to love and respect all of our fellow Americans, and to appreciate their individual points of view. By doing so, it will help us pull through this brutal and tragic event together and we will become stronger than before. 

After we work our way through this awful pandemic-period in our nation's history, the impending future of America will be even brighter and more sparkling for every American. 

The future always arrives and staying positive during this comeback period is worth it for us all... 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Building a More Perfect Union Together

As the month of June ends, hundreds of millions of Americans from all walks of life, of every race and belief will begin to humbly reflect, cherish and then celebrate the founding of our great nation as we near the July 4th holiday. 

(Obviously, it shall be a much more muted honoring due to COVID-19).

Mutually, we appreciate and respect the creation of the United States of America. And in doing so, we remember that our amazing country is a constant work in progress. America was founded with the keen understanding that it was always going to be improved upon by its future citizenry. Never perfect but forever becoming even better. 

Freedom for all Americans is the very essence of equality, for every race and ethnicity. 

America provides and guarantees that keystone God-given right for each American.

Even though America is the most dynamic, freedom-loving country ever created for millions of people, it is our responsibility to peacefully work together to improve and build "a more perfect union" for all Americans. 

We are one Nation, under God with liberty and justice for all.

Imagine for a moment, being a man or woman from any other part of the world, and then finally arriving in America and witnessing the breathtaking Statue of Liberty for the first time. Lady Liberty is stunning to behold for her innate beauty and inherent message of freedom for every American.

Respectfully, America is unlike anywhere else on earth, where any person can start their life with absolutely nothing and work hard to achieve their dreams. Literally, anyone can build a successful life for themselves and their family. 

America provides limitless opportunity for any person willing to earn it. Often times, a person's own manifested life in America becomes the stuff of dreams for others to admire, respect and learn from.

Any person that earnestly builds their own quality life becomes the personification of "Americana" through their undying efforts, struggles, failures and eventual success. 

America began as, "the great experiment" guided by the brilliant Charters of Freedom. 

The Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution form the remarkable foundation of our always-improving union for all Americans to benefit from. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is ingrained in our national character; it's who we are, and why we choose to live our lives in the United State of America. 

Since America declared its independence from all tyranny on July 4th, 1776 and up through this moment in time, America has served as the flashing beacon of liberty. Simply put, liberty for all is the core principal and main reason so many people want to live in America...freedom for all.

America is not perfect, and it never will be. Americans have struggled and worked together to make incredible changes and correct our nation's previous mistakes. 

And moving forward, we owe it to our past, present, and future Americans to make things even better for us all. America is the most vivid shining example of an amazing country that cares for and supports all of its citizens. All people, coming from anywhere in the world that simply want the opportunity to build a great life for themselves and their family. 

Humble and proud human beings that love and respect each other. People that are willing to work peacefully together with their fellow Americans to keep building a more perfect union.