Saturday, April 4, 2015

(Coaching Tip # 2) Utilizing A-11 Concept Screen Plays Helps to Improve QB Player Safety

Coaching Tip Number Two:

The dimensions of the Football Field have not changed in over 100-years, but for the most part, the incredible athletes of today are far superior to the great athletes from the bygone era of 1910-1930, respectfully.

In today's era, the dynamic speed and elite athletic ability of top football players puts maximum pressure on each athlete to react with rapidly escalating precision in the seemingly more limited boundaries of the football field...because the actual Dimensions of the field were established more than a Century ago, and the game moves Much faster than it did prior to World War I.

During the past several years, the Quarterbacks at the professional level, Collegiate level, and at the high school level have taken brutal hits to their bodies and heads that could potentially end their careers, or worse yet, even their lives.

ALL competitive sports are dangerous: soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse, racing, etc.

Currently however, ON the field of play, and with the advent of innovative high school, collegiate and pro coaches pushing the envelope of creativity and ascending the ranks at Every level, creative A-11 Spread concept Screen pass plays and Read Screens are Helping to Neutralize the overwhelming and physically dominating Defensive Linemen and Linebackers, which in turn helps to Protect the most Vulnerable Player on the field...the Quarterback.

One of the best tools to help preserve the health and safety of the Quarterback is to fully exploit the utilization of the Screen Passing game, and the Read Screen Passing game. (See Example Above).

When Defensive Linemen and Linebackers are Forced to become Even More Spread Out across the field of play to defend ultra-spread offensive formations, and also account for the Possibility of Getting Burned by one of these cleverly devised plays, they will often be more hesitant or less aggressive on some plays during the course of the game. Therefore, ultra-aggressive DL and LB's are less likely to arrive at the Quarterback to deliver a nasty hit, or sometimes they will be fooled into chasing down another offensive player that might potentially receive a Screen Pass.

As a coach, if you want to Help protect and improve your Quarterback's health and overall safety, then spend a lot of time mastering the art of employing some Super-Spread Offensive Sets to "thin-out the defense across the field," and Utilize more types of Screens and Read Screens in your offensive arsenal.

Your Quarterback will really Thank You for it...