Monday, February 18, 2019

Kyler Murray is About to Change Professional Football Forever

Respectfully, to the naysayers about the inability of Oklahoma Quarterback and future Pro Football Star, Kyler Murray to Not be able to have a successful career in the NFL because he is Not tall enough to play QB in the NFL, they are incorrect.

It is precisely due to the unique combination of Kyler Murray's great leadership style, top intelligence, and his dynamic athletic and play-making abilities that will make it very possible for Murray to not only have a successful QB career in the NFL, but he will also become the beacon of change at the Quarterback position in the NFL. Murray's rise will signify a cleansing of some outdated thoughts about the mandated physical stature required to win at the QB spot in the NFL, while additionally endorsing the innovative offenses populating the high school and collegiate ranks nationwide, and beginning to seep into the NFL, thereby finally kicking-in the door of professional football, respectfully.

To be clear, Kyler Murray cannot do it alone, he will need a good OL and running game, and a sound defense, but all of those are doable by the Cardinals, if given enough time to develop those parts of the team around Murray.

Remember, in order to survive and thrive, the Game MUST adapt to its athletes or it will suffer and/or perish.

Not only have the high school and college football coaches across the nation helped to usher in an overall more wide-open brand of football because they are often forced to innovate to compete - using the variable talent-levels of the players that appear on their rosters annually. But more importantly, the nuances and schemes of the game Must adapt to win the skilled athletes, and influence the hearts and minds of great players that are thoughtfully deciding whether or not to play the game of football.

Other shorter and/or "athletic" quarterbacks throughout pro football history have helped to lay the groundwork for Kyler Murray's success, and combined with the spread offenses and more protective rules of today helping to keep QB's a bit safer, it's a win-win.

Fran Tarkenton caused headaches for opposing defenses and went to 4 Super Bowls.

Drew Brees has Won a Super Bowl and has broken numerous passing records.

Michael Vick transformed the game at the professional level, even though he confessed to not studying film or game plans that much.

Doug Flutie was a fantastic player, but since most decision makers at that time in the NFL deemed him to small, he went to the old USFL first, then to the NFL and to the CFL, before finally returning to the NFL in the twilight of his dynamic career.

Russell Wilson is the closest comparison to Kyler Murray, from an athletic and pure passer standpoint, and Wilson's already earned a Super Bowl Championship, and was merely one-throw away from winning another.

Kyler Murray is going to have a very successful career in the NFL and the game will be changed forever in more ways than one.