Friday, September 29, 2017

Taking Steps to Preserve the Game's Future

In our first-year of leading the Arroyo Dons High School Football Program, we are undergoing a major rebuilding process from the ground up, a complete overhaul.

The Dons have instituted a Strength and Conditioning program for the first time in Four-years, and equally important, the coaches, the team and the administration have taken steps to help improve player safety now, and to also help preserve the game's future.

Take a look at the nationwide outcry and emphasis about reducing concussions and how to improve player safety.

Respectfully the Arroyo Dons have done just that, by implementing a super-spread offensive system stemming from the A-11 Offense, and aligning the offensive players in athletic two-point stances in order to protect their heads, necks and brains more effectively.

For the Football Players at every level of the game, the Millions of Fans that Love the game, and also for the thousands of Football Coaches now and into the future, we must do our part to help the game make Progress and Grow into a much safer future.

We can do it by working together to ensure an improved game for generations to come...