Friday, July 17, 2015

Kenny Stabler Belongs in the Hall of Fame

UPDATED on February 7th, 2016: Congrats to the late, great Kenny Stabler and his family on Finally getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

Please read my article below written on July 17th, 2015...

I admit...that I am biased towards the late, great, Oakland Raider QB, Kenny Stabler.

Growing up as a lifelong Raider’s fan, I had the privilege of watching the dynamic Kenny Stabler play Quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.

During his youth, at the University of Alabama, and even during his early years with the Oakland Raiders, Kenny “The Snake” Stabler was an incredibly talented and gifted athlete, until a few severe knee injuries greatly reduced his mobility.

Stabler in High School in Alabama.

Stabler executing a Jump Pass for the University of Alabama vs. Tennessee

Stabler with the Oakland Raiders.

Better yet, Kenny Stabler was one of the most poised quarterback’s, and one of the greatest players that were always “cool-under-pressure” clutch type of performers at any position in football…ever.

Many of Stabler’s breathtaking and heart-stopping gutty plays have become some of the best NFL Time Capsule Moments, such as, “The Sea of Hands,” vs. the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Playoffs, or the stunning 4th Down Long Bomb to Tight End Dave Casper that went straight down the middle of the field vs. the Baltimore Colts in the AFC Playoffs - forever known as “The Ghost to the Post,” and the infamous “Holy Roller,” vs. the San Diego Chargers, just to name a few.

Stabler was a great winner, a consummate teammate and always gracious towards his many fans. He was also recognized by his peers and the media as the best player, or one of the best players of his era several times, including but not limited to:

- 1974 MVP of the NFL
- 1974 NFL Offensive Player of the Year
- NFL All-Pro Player and a Pro Bowl Player Four Times
- Super Bowl XI Champion vs. the Minnesota Vikings
- Selected to the NFL All-Decade Team for the 1970's
- Multiple Other Awards Earned during his Excellent Career

If you have any doubts about whether or not Kenny Stabler deserves to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, then please take a step back for a moment and imagine what the Oakland Raiders, and the entire Era of 1970’s Pro Football would have been like Without him?

Stabler was great for the game, great for the Raiders and great for the fans. And, he was a 'One of Kind' personality.

Thank you to the late Kenny Stabler for giving it his all throughout his incredible pro football career to provide so many great memories for us football fans to enjoy.

And now, it’s time for the Voting Members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee to return the favor, and demonstrate their sincere and eternal appreciation for the legendary and special player, Kenny Stabler.