Friday, July 30, 2021

In Memory of my Father. He was an Amazing Man and My Hero...RIP.

George Caig was an incredibly kind, smart and loving man, and I was very blessed to have him as my Dad. God bless his kind soul, and may he rest in peace...

George H. Caig
(July 8, 1928 - March 30, 2021)

George H. Caig passed away on March 30th, 2021, at the age of 92 in Piedmont, CA after living a long and very fulfilling life. George, who was often referred to by his nickname, “Jud” was an incredible man, and a caring and loving father, husband, grandfather, great grandfather, and a good friend to many people.

George is survived by his wife of more than 40-years, Julie, his two daughters, Sue, and Martha, and his two stepsons, Kurt, and Keith. Additionally, between their two combined loving families, they have nine grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.

George was very appreciative of the beauty of nature and greatly enjoyed learning about plants, flowers, and trees - locally and throughout his travels with his family, friends, and with his beloved wife, Julie. He was also a “green thumb” and enjoyed teaching his children about the greatness of the outdoors, and he found fulfillment tending to his garden at their home in Piedmont.

Born at Fabiola Hospital in Oakland, CA on July 8th, 1928, George was raised in Piedmont and learned the value of creating stability and long-term planning due to his formative years during the Great Depression (1929-36). He went to Wildwood Elementary School and discovered his passion for exploring the outdoors by becoming an active member in the Boy Scouts, and eventually became an Eagle Scout. He loved athletics, especially playing basketball and baseball. At Piedmont High School, “Jud” was an excellent basketball player and was known as a great shooter of long-range baskets. Jokingly, he referred to his best shots as, “punishing the nets” which he loved to do while playing a game of basketball in town - his favorite form of recreation into his late seventies.

After graduating from Piedmont High School in 1946, George attended the University of California at Berkeley, where he advanced his business acumen while also developing new friendships. He was also an upstanding member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. As a student at Cal, Jud and his buddies attended three Rose Bowl games to support the Bears (Jan 1949-51). During his tenure at Cal, Jud realized he loved reading, and hence began his lifelong hobby of enjoying books, non-fiction, and fiction. Throughout his life, Jud would have stacks of books piled up near his favorite reclining chair that he was actively reading. On a special note, for more than fifty-years after graduating from Cal, Jud and Julie and their friends attended the Cal vs. Stanford ‘Big Games’ together, and they were at the famous game known as “The Play” on November 10th, 1982.

Along with some of his friends, Jud explored the Sierra Mountains via hiking, fishing, and camping trips, which included treks into the high-altitude regions where they would catch various species of fish, including the elusive Golden Trout.

Jud graduated from Cal in 1950 and then proudly served his country as an Officer in the United States Army after going through boot camp at Ford Ord in Monterey, CA. During his time in the service, he was stationed throughout northern California, and especially enjoyed his time spent at the Marin Headlands, the Presidio in San Francisco, and in the east bay hills near the area known as the Caldecott region. 

After being honorably discharged from the Army, George had a remarkably steady and prosperous career in the insurance industry and spent nearly 40-years with the same firm, the Fireman’s Fund. He worked at their corporate office in San Francisco and Novato, CA. George became a trusted figure within the industry; and was especially known for his diligent work in the Bonds department, reviewing, detailing, and underwriting numerous mid-to-large scale construction projects throughout the bay area and northern California during his career.

In large part due to George’s ability to plan, coupled with their desire to explore the world, Jud and Julie and their group of lifelong friends began to travel the globe. Their trips became a semi-annual event after their gatherings held in Los Osos, CA to discuss all things considered for their next escapade. Their group toured Italy three times, Spain, Ireland, England, Scotland (George’s ancestors built McCaig Tower long ago), France, Portugal, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, and many beautiful places throughout the United States of America. And for Jud and Julie, their local getaways to Mendocino, CA became their favorite place to be together.

Incredibly, Jud never learned to play golf until after he retired from working, but then he discovered his enjoyable, yet “frustrating” new hobby in golf. Since he loved to walk and hike, and desired to play sports, he quickly got hooked on the game that helped to keep him active throughout his golden years.

Volunteerism became a second calling during Jud’s retirement, and he cherished giving back some of his time and energy to those in need. He was honored to step up as a hardworking volunteer at Providence Hospital in Oakland for several years, and he assisted with the Piedmont Police Department to serve those in his hometown.

George was a first-class person throughout his life. He was a patient, humble, and loving family man, who always put his family first. He also treated his closest friends with the utmost love and respect, and he was there to assist whenever called upon.

Jud will always be remembered for being an outstanding person, and for making the lives of his family and friends even better than they could have imagined. Respectfully, the Caig and Bryan families thank you for keeping them in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time, as they learn to live their lives with the loving memory of Jud in their hearts and minds forever. 

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Indoor Football League (IFL) Helping to Advance the Innovative Future of Football

As the Indoor Football League (IFL) enjoys its 13th season of play with 11 teams across the country, and with at least 14 teams set to kickoff in 2022; the IFL is now the second-longest running pro football league in America, only behind the NFL.

How did the IFL thrive to this point in time, and manage to play its full slate of games (Indoors and in 9 Different States so far in 2021), as the league surges towards its annual United Bowl championship game later this summer?

The IFL's main directive - to offer innovative football played within the confines of a nice arena setting, while keeping ticket prices family friendly have allowed the IFL to remain "immune" from the downward spiral of outside forces.

For example in the IFL, the offensive team may have up to 2 players in motion in any combination of forward or lateral movement, which creates fantastic play-design options. And, when a team that has the lead is in the final minute of a game, that offensive team must gain positive yardage on each play or the clock will stop...therefore running out the clock for a full-minute by taking a kneel-down play is not an option in the IFL.

The amazing talent and superb coaching in the IFL has already generated more than 80-players being signed by NFL or CFL clubs, and with many more dynamic players sure to ascend into the ranks of the NFL.

The unmatched IFL fan-experience is organic and electrifying, enabling football fans the chance to passionately root for their team up close and personal during the games, and then they can meet their favorite stars on the field after the game.

As the IFL continues to expand into new Team Markets over the next few years, the wonderful indoor pro football experience provided by the IFL will naturally become even stronger, more diversified (it's track record is excellent) and thrilling for its passionate fans and players alike.

The weather is always good inside the arena for an IFL game. Therefore, as long as the IFL continues to innovate both on and off the field, while expanding into quality Team Markets, then it's sunny skies on the horizon for the IFL and its growing fan base.

Fun times ahead!