Sunday, October 8, 2023

"Thunder" is the Ultimate Teacher to Help Kids Learn, Grow and Unite While Exploring the World.

The new kids book for ages (7-12) years old, THUNDER AND FRIENDS VISIT CALIFORNIA, brings together amazing kids and their parents, and a wonderful teacher/guide, Thunder. Thunder has a kind heart and very special powers, and helps kids to learn, grow and unite while exploring the world. Enjoy the wonderful journey and go along to explore as, "Thunder and Friends Visit California." Now available on Amazon, and please visit our website to learn more about the great characters, and watch their video and listen to their unifying song at: Enjoy!

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Thunder and Friends Visit California

This exciting book for kids is now available on Amazon! “Thunder and Friends Visit California!” in their first-ever adventure together! Children’s Books for Kids ages (7-12), Families and Teachers to enjoy! Visit:
The Book: Thunder and Friends Visit California! Thunder has been circling the globe since his birthday on July 4th, 1776. As Thunder learns and grows up, he realizes that his eternal life of roaming above the earth would be more meaningful, if he could make a special connection with new human friends. When Thunder finally meets a special group of four wonderful kids and they become buddies, Thunder’s special powers as a travel guide that can transport them at light-speed to anywhere in the world opens new adventures for the kids and their parents. Will Thunder decide to remain immortal? Or will Thunder choose a more meaningful life filled with love and friendship that will someday come to an end? Get ready to join in the adventures of Thunder and friends - Tommy Turnright, Lucy Left, Nick Notsure, and Mary Middle!

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Modesto Christian School is a Wonderful Institution. God Bless!

Modesto Christian School is a fantastic school led by wonderful people. The beautiful campus hosts the (K-12) school of higher learning that proudly and positively supports the Christian Faith and worships God. It's an outstanding place because of the great people working there and the mission of developing excellent leaders now and for the future. If a family wants their children to earn a top-notch education, and participate in all types of extracurricular activities, and build lifelong frienships, then "MC is the place to be!" MODESTO CHRISTIAN SCHOOL is a great place to be! Thank God!

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Uniting Americans from All Walks of Life is the Goal by Finding Common Ground Together

Yours-truly is humbly excited for the next adventure. Here we go! Online polling, reviews, music, media and publishing to enlighten and unite. Politics, Football and Entertainment. For Republicans, Democrats and Independents.