Monday, January 25, 2021

Should the Student-Athletes in California be Allowed to Play Sports? Yes Indeed...

Respectfully, as a follow-up to my July 8th, 2020 blog article about navigating the path forward in terms of allowing student-athletes in California to play sports...

It is with the utmost respect and caring for every person that has been affected by the COVD-19 pandemic and for those that have lost loved ones, that I humbly offer my support for allowing more than 800,000 female and male student-athletes in the CIF to participate within their respective sport(s) of choice.

Specifically, as to letting those student-athletes that wish to do so, the opportunity to play the game of football within the mitigated CIF guidelines. It would be wonderful for our state's decision-makers to further collaborate with their peers overseeing the approx. 40 states that have successfully completed their respective football seasons; many of which that are now planning for their upcoming 2021 seasons. 

Where there is a will, there can be found a way to overcome the significant obstacles ahead in the coming months. I have great faith that the key people leading our great state of California will surely find a way to get those kids back in the game and playing their favorite sports once again.

By all of us working together = the kids will win!

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Have No Fear, Keep the Faith and Trust in God

Don't fret and have no fear, keep the faith and trust in God. 

Work hard, never quit and always keep making our nation even greater.

Things are going to get better, in fact, even better than you can possibly imagine.