Monday, August 26, 2019

There is No Elevator to Success, You Have to Take the Stairs.

Not too long ago, I stepped into an elevator and reached to push the button to register my ride to my designated floor. I was pleasantly surprised upon reading the humorous and ironic quote contained within the placard mounted on the wall...

"There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs."

That brilliant quote by world-renowned motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, was perfect.

When going after your dreams and goals in life, it's not easy to succeed without a great deal of struggle throughout the process. You can make progress and ascend, but then some type of road block or major obstacle gets in your way. You pause or stumble, and maybe tumble backwards a bit, and then regroup with your allies and supporters, before continuing onward in your upward climb.

Life moves ahead and you try even harder, all the while knowing you are Not guaranteed a successful outcome. However, your hopes and deep belief in yourself and your proven teammates provides the fuel for your drive into an unpredictable future.

When you coach in any sport long enough, you get the opportunity to work alongside some great coaches, mentors, teachers, leaders, regardless of the level you're at, youth, high school, college or pro.

In fact, when looking and learning about another person's remarkable efforts in pursuit of their own wonderful achievements, the mini-wins and tribulations during their trek to attain a set of goals is often stunning, gut-wrenching and amazing.

The great game of Football is the ultimate team game. Football teaches us valuable lessons about planning, hard work, perseverance, making adjustments, and best of all, being unselfish in the quest to win for your team.

Zig Ziglar's wise quote about, "taking the stairs" can serve as a great reminder for anybody willing to listen and learn while pursuing their dreams along the way.