Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Will the XFL Reimagine the Game of Football and Unleash the A-11 Offense at the Professional Level in 2020?

In January 2018, Vince McMahon, the incredibly successful and innovative businessman, and the founder of the XFL announced he was relaunching the XFL in 2020, and he wants to re-imagine the game of football and help create its dynamic future.

His revelation about the new XFL was great and his re-imagining approach is a very Smart Move.

I have no idea what the new XFL game will look like when it kicks-off in 2020.

But What IF...?

What if the XFL allowed its teams to utilize the A-11 Offense if they want to?

What if the XFL enabled its teams to Feature Interchangeable Game Breakers at Every Position in the A-11 Offense?

What if the XFL returned the game to its Original Rules after the Forward Pass was legalized in 1906 and combined it with Modern Athletes and Innovative Strategies to offer 16,632 post-snap receiving options in the A-11 Offense vs. 36 post-snap scenarios in traditional football, respectfully?

What if the XFL created a safer brand of Professional football, because of the built-in Player Safety advantages offered by the A-11 Offense by Design?

What if the XFL featured teams competing against each other on the field of play utilizing their choice of the A-11 Offense and/or a traditional style?

What if the XFL truly re-imagines the game of football to make it faster, even more exciting, thousands of times more innovative, and even safer overall by allowing its teams to utilize the A-11 Offense if they choose to do so?

What if the XFL decides to lead the way into the exciting future of football?

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Cliff Branch Belongs in the Hall of Fame

UPDATED on February 22nd, 2022 - Yes! Cliff Branch has been selected to become a member of the Hall of Fame! Wonderful news...
In July 2015, and Six-months before the late, great, legendary Raider's QB, Kenny Stabler was Finally posthumously inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I (and along with many others) wrote that he deserved to be inducted into professional football's highest ring of honor.

Now, it is Way past time for the Voting Body of the Pro Football Hall of Fame to induct incredible former Raider's WR, Cliff Branch.

From 1972-1985, Cliff Branch was an outstanding Game Breaker that drove fear into the heart of Defensive Backs and the Defensive Coordinators that were charged with game-planning various ways to try and stop him.

Branch's Career Statistics are outstanding from an era of the NFL when it was Not a pass-happy league:

501 Receptions
8,685 Yards
17.3 Avg. Yards per Catch
67 Touchdowns

Branch was a Four-time All Pro and Pro Bowl Selection.

Branch also earned Three Super Bowl Rings, and Branch was a Pivotal player in the Raider's Super Bowl XVIII win vs. the Redskins in 1984. In that game, Branch caught a TD pass, and provided the late-stage, downfield block against the speedy Darrell Green that enabled Raider's Running Back, Marcus Allen to score on his amazing 74-yard run, a stunning play that many fans believe was the greatest single-play in Raider's history.

Respectfully, there are several Wide Receivers that have already been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, even though their career totals and amount of Super Bowl wins are Not equal to that of Branch's.

Lastly, Branch's excellent fellow teammate and wily Wide Receiving peer (Fred Biletnikoff) has been inducted into the Hall of Fame, and his career totals are virtually identical to Branch's, but Branch was able to earn two-more Super Bowl rings during his career than Freddy did, respectfully.

Cliff Branch and Fred Biletnikoff pictured below...

And now, without further adieu, it is well-past the time for the Voting Block of the Pro Football Hall of Fame to reconsider their prior decisions, and to induct Cliff Branch into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.