Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Building a More Perfect Union Together

As the month of June ends, hundreds of millions of Americans from all walks of life, of every race and belief will begin to humbly reflect, cherish and then celebrate the founding of our great nation as we near the July 4th holiday. 

(Obviously, it shall be a much more muted honoring due to COVID-19).

Mutually, we appreciate and respect the creation of the United States of America. And in doing so, we remember that our amazing country is a constant work in progress. America was founded with the keen understanding that it was always going to be improved upon by its future citizenry. Never perfect but forever becoming even better. 

Freedom for all Americans is the very essence of equality, for every race and ethnicity. 

America provides and guarantees that keystone God-given right for each American.

Even though America is the most dynamic, freedom-loving country ever created for millions of people, it is our responsibility to peacefully work together to improve and build "a more perfect union" for all Americans. 

We are one Nation, under God with liberty and justice for all.

Imagine for a moment, being a man or woman from any other part of the world, and then finally arriving in America and witnessing the breathtaking Statue of Liberty for the first time. Lady Liberty is stunning to behold for her innate beauty and inherent message of freedom for every American.

Respectfully, America is unlike anywhere else on earth, where any person can start their life with absolutely nothing and work hard to achieve their dreams. Literally, anyone can build a successful life for themselves and their family. 

America provides limitless opportunity for any person willing to earn it. Often times, a person's own manifested life in America becomes the stuff of dreams for others to admire, respect and learn from.

Any person that earnestly builds their own quality life becomes the personification of "Americana" through their undying efforts, struggles, failures and eventual success. 

America began as, "the great experiment" guided by the brilliant Charters of Freedom. 

The Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution form the remarkable foundation of our always-improving union for all Americans to benefit from. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is ingrained in our national character; it's who we are, and why we choose to live our lives in the United State of America. 

Since America declared its independence from all tyranny on July 4th, 1776 and up through this moment in time, America has served as the flashing beacon of liberty. Simply put, liberty for all is the core principal and main reason so many people want to live in America...freedom for all.

America is not perfect, and it never will be. Americans have struggled and worked together to make incredible changes and correct our nation's previous mistakes. 

And moving forward, we owe it to our past, present, and future Americans to make things even better for us all. America is the most vivid shining example of an amazing country that cares for and supports all of its citizens. All people, coming from anywhere in the world that simply want the opportunity to build a great life for themselves and their family. 

Humble and proud human beings that love and respect each other. People that are willing to work peacefully together with their fellow Americans to keep building a more perfect union. 

Monday, June 15, 2020

Coach Tom Flores Belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

UPDATED:   February 8th, 2021...Congratulations to Tom Flores finally being chosen to enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame!

Former Oakland and Los Angeles Raiders Head Coach, Tom Flores should be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

As a lifelong fan of the Oakland and Los Angeles Raiders, and now the Las Vegas Raiders, I have written previously about some of their great players, Quarterback, Ken Stabler and Wide Receiver, Cliff Branch that belonged in the HOF (posthumously). Fortunately, Stabler has since been enshrined into the HOF, but inexplicably, Branch has not been included. Hopefully, that will change very soon for Branch because he was an elite receiver with amazing talent that terrified opposing defensive backs for many years.

However, the remarkably humble and successful Coach Tom Flores has not yet been inducted into the HOF, and he deserves to be put into the hall, now. 

As Head Coach of the Raiders for nine-seasons, Flores won two Super Bowls in dominant fashion over the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins, respectfully. Flores led the Raiders to those world championships with Jim Plunkett at QB, a once-brilliant quarterback that many other football experts had written off as over the hill and/or washed up. 

Coach Flores proved them all wrong, and he was also a pioneer, as one of the few minority coaches guiding a professional football team in the NFL.

Some pundits have incorrectly claimed that Flores was not really in charge of the Raiders, and that he was the beneficiary of inheriting a bevy of talented players from his predecessor, the legendary coach John Madden, and/or that Raiders owner, Al Davis was actually calling the shots. 

That is not correct. 

In fact, prior to becoming head coach of the Raiders, Flores served as an assistant coach on the Raiders staff for seven-years. 

The 53-losses incurred by the Raiders under Flores' watch are forever attached to his record, but so are the more impressive 83-victories, including those two Super Bowl wins. 

Nine-seasons as head coach of the Raiders, and two Super Bowl wins. 

It's time to honor Tom Flores for his accomplishments as the once great leader of the Raiders. 

Induct Tom Flores into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, he deserves it without question.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Liberty and Justice for All

Americans working together to develop the best life possible and by never giving up on achieving equality and justice for all is the bedrock of our beautiful country.

We can bolster our fellow Americans in-need by giving them our best effort, and by peacefully demonstrating our mutual support during even the most difficult of circumstances. 

Each and every black person's life does matter.

Peaceful Protest against racism (June 4, 2020 in Livermore, CA).

(KB pictured 2nd from the right, with some friends)

Our combined effort never equals zero, and it's the winning formula for our great country's success.

May we always remember that, especially during the most difficult times of all.

Love your fellow American.

Together, we win.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Unity in Sports Can Help Lead the Way

Growing up in the San Francisco bay area, it's been my honor to have developed excellent friendships with a variety of people from a multitude of ethnic backgrounds and beliefs. Our family has expanded into new cultures and I've been able to work closely with an amazing group of diverse colleagues & players at every level of football for almost thirty-years.   

Best of all, even though each of us has our own flaws, we respect and love each other, and we value one another dearly. We come from a beautiful mix of backgrounds of every race and a wide variety of thoughts and ideas. We cherish each other's uniqueness. 

We care about one another as human beings. We are equal in every regard.

As a supporter of every hardworking law enforcement officer that risks his or her life daily to help protect and serve each American citizen of every race around the nation, it has been heartbreaking to see the inexplicable deaths of some innocent African-Americans that were caused by a very small number of law enforcement officers that are simply not justifiable at all.

This is not about politics, rather it's about the respect for All Humanity and eliminating any type of injustice in its purest form.

Even though the majority of law enforcement officers conduct their jobs with total respect for every American of every race, there is a very small number of officers that have taken fatal action against some innocent black Americans that resulted in their very tragic deaths.

Without a doubt, those law enforcement officers that are found guilty must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

However, the vast number of officers that hold true and remain caring of all individuals must be treated with the great respect they deserve.

Additionally, and has been the case throughout much of America's modern sports history, properly demonstrating a peaceful and strong show of unity in the the world of sports can help lead the way out of this terrible period.

Together in sports, we can further develop an even brighter and more prosperous and loving future for all Americans.

For those of us in the sports world that have grown up in America supporting and celebrating the invigorating pursuit of life, liberty and happiness for each American of every race, we need to bond together peacefully now and forevermore.

Respect, love and peace through strength of unity can cement our bonds better than ever before.

America needs us...