Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TIME to Eliminate Jersey-Numbering Requirement Rule

Throughout football history, innovation has always pushed the game further ahead than some people anticipated, notably the legalizing of the Forward Pass in large part to vastly improve player safety by helping to Neutralize the defense with the threat of a Forward Pass as a viable weapon of choice for the offense.

Today, with the size and speed of the players from the high school level on up to the Pros, the game is about to surpass the Critical Mass threshold in terms of how much punishment the players can handle or absorb throughout the course of a game or a season within the current dimensions of the football field and coupled with the outdated and antiquated jersey-numbering requirement rules that greatly restrict excellent creative freedoms regarding formations, motions and eligibility.

The elimination of the jersey-numbering requirement rule has already begun to show it inherently offers benefits for the athletes:

1. It allows every player an option to be super-spread out across the field of play to keep the defense more honest in its pre-snap movements and alignments because the defense must account for potentially eligible threats

2. The offensive players are now all interchangeable and eligible by Formation Only - which keeps the defense guessing and thereby less able to just tee-off on certain offensive players

3. It's easier for all of the players on O and D to "see things coming" their way because they are often spaced far apart.

4. Most importantly, the head-to-head banging between the players is greatly reduced during Practices and Games because the offensive players on the Line of Scrimmage are usually set in a TWO-Point stance most of the game, and it translates into a reduced-rate of concussions occurring.

5. Inadvertent pile-ups are greatly reduced because of the wide spaces between most players, and the teams have less blown out knees and ankles from the entanglements.

The Elimination of the Jersey Numbering Requirement is the right tonic to help improve player safety, and maximize the innovative aspects of football across the board.

A Top California Football Official on the A-11...

“Any good high school official who is competent would have no problem officiating a game showcasing the A-11 scheme. It’s really no big deal. We’ve had no complaints from any officials whatsoever that have refereed their games.”

Sam Moriana
Head of East Bay Football Officials Association
Northern California

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