Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Evolution of Football

Walter Camp (pictured below) is the "Father of American Football."

Mr. Camp was the greatest Innovator in the history of American Football. He was the Head Football Coach at Yale and Stanford. Among many other groundbreaking contributions to the game, Mr. Camp introduced the Line of Scrimmage, a Set of Downs, the Safety enabling the Defense to score 2-points, putting and marking the Lines on the Field, the Snapping the football back from Center, and the 7-man offensive line.

Therefore, how would Mr. Camp look at our great game of football today, and how would Mr. Camp help to shape the future of football moving forward from this year of 2014?

a. 100-years ago (in 1914), please see below, is an example of the great athletes of that era aligned within a standard football formation. Back then, this was a normal set during that time period.

Note: *The Forward Pass had already been Legalized eight-years earlier in 1906.

1927 Cal Poly University Football formation below:

1953 Football Formation below:

1980's West Coast Offense Basic Set & Play Below:

b. Now look at a few “Spread Offense” sets in our Era of football (2010 - 2014) below.

c. Compare the vast differences and changes that naturally occurred between 1914 and today, and Imagine what the Athletes will be like in 2114, and what the Game will look like in 2114...Wow!

d. Think about it: Do you believe the Athletes will become Slower and Less Athletic, or will they evolve to become even Faster and even more Dynamic? And, do you think the game of Football will become Slower and more Condensed, or will the Game become Faster and More Spread Out?

*For a simple type of Comparison, take a Look at How Things Change Over Time from the "Car Family" below. Even though all Three of the vehicles below are Cars, they are incredibly different, in terms of Technology, Power and Performance capabilities.

1914 Racing Car:

2014 Racing Car:

2114 Racing Car Concept:

e. Therefore, in the future of football in 2114, will the average professional OL weigh 400 lbs. each or more? Will the average professional QB be 7 ft. tall or more. Will the average WR run the 40-yard Dash in under 4.0 seconds?

f. Will the standard length and width of a Football Field increase to be 100 Meters Long and 53 Meters Wide to accommodate for the much Bigger and Faster Athletes in 2114? Instead of the football field being measured in Yards, as it is today?

*See Below from 2008, one of Piedmont's various A-11 Offense base formations featuring Interchangeable and Dynamic athletes at Every position.

Will the game evolve to feature Incredibly talented Athletes at EVERY position on the field that are also Interchangeable? It certainly appears to be rapidly heading in that direction, especially when Eliminating the jersey-numbering requirement for the Offensive team Skyrockets the playmaking options after the snap from its current number of 36 a thrilling and innovative 16,632 options in terms of which player can receive the snap and advance with the football.

We are now in the exciting Vortex of a Football Revolution, and Big changes are taking place in our great game.

100-years from now in the year 2114, when the football coaches, players and historians take a look back at this Era, they will see the genesis of very creative concepts and remarkable high-level athletes pushing the game forward.

Get Ready for many more Innovative ideas that will modernize our great game of football coming soon!

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